ana quinteros

Estoy muy agradecida por la ayuda emocional que he recibido, ya que he detectado mejoría total en mi comportamiento interpersonal.

He reafirmado mi seguridad al tomar decisiones y sobre todo aceptar al resto de personas tal cual son, este logro en especial me da una paz que me permite llevar una vida tranquila.

Gracias don Henrik!! y recomiendo con toda certeza que quien quiera experimentar esta tranquilidad sin lugar a dudas pidan su ayuda y apoyo. Gracias


Ngoc Phuong Luong

Henrik is a patient and wise PSYCH-K® facilitator who guided me so well with a hugely frustrating self-muscle testing issue I had for months. I spent lots of time and money to try and resolve with other facilitators and healers and consequently, was so close to giving up fixing this problem.


We dig deep through the layers of beliefs and balanced them. Every belief resonated with me so perfectly. And then the moment when we finally balanced the last belief, the result was absolutely fantastic. 

Thank you so much Henrik, I’m so lucky to have chosen you as my PSYCH-K® facilitator to solve this issue.



Amazing results in a short time. I have worked on my childhood trauma which have affected my current life experiences. After the sessions i have experienced a change how i was feeling and relief from my past. Thank you very much to Henrik for being persistent, asking good questions and facilitating powerful psych-k balances, which left me feeling at ease with myself.


vagia alaleou

My name is Vagia Alaleou. I come from Greece where I live with my family. I am 50 years young and for as long as I can remember myself I had food and sugar cravings. I was aware that there was an emotional component in this situation but despite all my efforts and the help I had been given the problem was still there.

When I was offered the opportunity to have an on-line PSYCH-K® session with Henrik I took it with no extra thought. We did not  know each other but he made me feel very comfortable and welcome.


The whole time of the session I felt that he was holding space for me with no judgement. I was allowed to express myself fully. He kept the procedure simple and with his kind and gentle guidance we digged deeper in my cravings situation and what was found was pure gold.

He then facilitated the PSYCH-K®  balance with me and at the end I could tell how lighter I felt. Henrik suggested some action steps I could take to reinforce the new state inside of me. 

As a result of the PSYCH-K® balance I now allow myself to sometimes have "bad" emotions, to sometimes feel angry and frustrated, to let them be without criticism or guilt.


And I express them in a positive way. I have also lost two kilos since then without changing my diet. I feel lighter, more accepted and loved now. 

I greatly recommend Henrik with all my heart as a gifted and talented PSYCH-K® facilitator to anyone interested


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