Why use PSYCH-K®?

This is technics to change our bad habits. In a way that is easy and user-friendly you can change the "software" you got in your subconscious. The part of you that runs up to 95 % of your life on auto-pilote.

The things that we believe and imagine are often the limit to how much we can achieve in life. This can be the difference between good and bad habits. 

The efficiency in PSYCH-K® lies in it's principles and philosophy behind, that honors that we are all spiritual beings with a purpose in life. 

With the right kind of guidance, we can all find the support that we deserve, and the process of change will become joyful. 

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Balance and harmony? (Brain dominans theory)

Left hemisphere

  • Uses logic

  • Thinks in words

  • Separate / Specifies

  • Analyses the bits and pieces

  • Thinks in sekvenses

  • Identify with the individual

  • Is orderly and controlled

Right hemisphere

  • Uses emotions

  • Is creative and free

  • Thinks in pictures

  • Deals with the whole picture

  • Thinks holistically

  • Identify with the group

  • Is Spontaneous

When we are faced with problems or stressful situations, we often tend to only use one part of the brain. Some people go "nuts" about the details and become so "square" in their mind that they forget the bigger perspective. Others might turn completely into their feelings and emotions, so much that they forget to use a bit of logic.

It is not productive to try to fix our problems with only half our brain capacity. PSYCH-K® technics are designed to create a balance between the two hemispheres: a "Whole-Brain State"

Who are in control? The conscious- or the sub-conscious mind?

 The Conscious Mind

  • Has a free will

  • Sets a goal

  • Judges the results

  • Can think in an abstract way

  • Spends most of the time thinking about the past or the future

  • Uses short term memory

  • Manage 1 - 3 things at a time

  • Processes about 40 bit of information per second.

  The Subconscious Mind

  • Administrate our habits

  • Organices our body functions (temperature, breathing, digestion etc.)

  • Is only present in the now

  • Uses long term memory (experiences, values, perception ...)

  • Organices thousands of events at a time

  • Processes about 40.000.000 bits of information per second. 

Conscious direction or goal

Subconscious resistance?

Ideel situation where the subconscious support our goals

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Would you like to have good habits where your subconscious acts like a teamplayer instead of your opponent?

Do you need more information? 


My clear recommendation is to simply ask for an online conversation where we can clarify any doubt. It is much easier than to try to read and understand it all intellectually first. 

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